Removing complexity 
across the healthcare continuum for all stakeholders.

For Employers

Smart access to healthcare

DignifiHealth provides a pathway for employers to provide access to healthcare without incurring a visit cost for every employee encounter.  Powered by an Artificial Intelligence triage engine, this patient-centered platform seeks to improve appropriate access to proper levels of care by utilizing machine learning trained on more than 9 million medical questions and system assessments answered and performed by board certified physicians.
For Providers

Improved access for patients

Patients can access care after hours that integrates with the physicians' medical record system. DignifiHealth assists practice in meeting chronic care management guidelines, and allows physicians to see patients at any time that is convenient with physician back up when they are unavailable. It integrates virtual encounters in practice work flow, provides growth and outreach to new markets, and integrates billing and collections with practice management software.
For Payers

Improved care management for payers

DignifiHealth provides one interface with real time data for care management needs for members at risk. It also provides an integrated solution that provides alerts of changes in patient well-being. DignifiHealth provides outreach opportunities for payers to support their members, and consolidates all virtual health activity in one solution
For Patients

Personal healthcare management

DignifiHealth provides a comprehensive personal digital health record that follows the patient and is shareable with other providers. It alerts patients on preventative health measures based on age and gender through reminders and calendar invites, and also provides free resources to patients to better manage their health, and eliminate the “google” approach of self-diagnosis.
How it works for patients

Receive immediate access
to all levels of trusted care.

Symptom check

Triage to the right care based on symptoms.

Immediate assessment

View instant doctor answers to any question with hundreds already answered.

Deploy and enjoy

Receive advice, prescriptions, labs, referrals 24/7 in seconds with ability for doctors to order tests and prescriptions.

Wellness guides

Care guides updated daily with guidance from CDC.

Make the move

Deliver a better healthcare
experience for all patients.

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