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We create innovative care solutions for patients, providers, payers, and employers that reduce cost, save time, and provide greater user experiences.
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The DignifiHealth Ecosystem

Empowering the movement from healthcare to people care by delivering innovative care solutions that advocate for dignity and accessibility.
Chronic Care Management


Our proprietary software forms the intelligence layer connecting the full suite of Dignifi solutions. We empower providers to manage their patient populations effectively and efficiently, and employers to incentivize a healthy workforce. Risk stratify any population, perform advanced clinical queries with ease, gain real-time point-of-service care insights, and manage the chronic diseases that drive up cost and improper utilization. With DignifiEngage, you get the right care for the right patient at the right time.
  • Sophisticated rules engine and gap analysis ensures patients receive the personalized, evidence-based, preventative care they need
  • Daily-updated full risk stratification so you can focus on the patients who need you the most, curbing costly ER utilization and readmissions
  • Actionable, data-driven insights at the point-of-care so your providers can focus on their patients instead of their computer screens
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Virtual Healthcare


Getting sick or staying well does not need to be an inconvenient experience. DignifiCare offers 100% virtual healthcare provider that handles every step of your healthcare journey, from diagnosis, to visit, to treatment plan, and follow up. We're here 24/7, from any device. Whether or not your workers have traditional healthcare benefits or pay for their own insurance, DignifiCare keeps your employees happy, healthy and productive.
  • 24/7 instant access from any device and anywhere
  • 30 second wait times for care covering 147 specialties
  • Over 90,000 board-certified doctors with medical licenses in good standing
  • Powered by an Artificial Intelligence engine with over 9 million questions answered by board certified physicians.
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Pharmacy Benefit Management


We make prescriptions affordable and manageable. Our mission is to help you conveniently track, manage, and develop a pharmacy spend plan that reduces cost.
Full passthrough of rebates


Elimination of spread pricing


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Remote Patient Monitoring


DignifiEngage+ supports provider's chronic care initiatives by adding remote patient monitoring through FDA approved connected devices including: scales, blood pressure, pulse oximeter, no-touch thermometer, glucometer, ECG, and more, keeping your provider perfectly informed about your at-home care.

Wellness Fintech


DignifiWallet allows employers to deposit health reimbursement currency into their employees qualified HRA accounts.  Allows for employers to reward employees for compliance regarding their personal healthcare management.  

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